Ronny GESON Gunnarsson

For Over 40+ Years In Pro. Football

Football Consultant Geson”, was the First FIFA & UEFA Licensed Match Agent in Norway

Ronny GESON Gunnarsson was born in 1955 in Gothenburg Sweden and has more than 40 years of experience in professional Football.

About R.GESON Gunnarsson

Geson was a former Head-Coach and National Coach for the Faroe Islands; he has also worked for 11 years as a Columnist for the Swedish Football Magazine.
Geson is a former active FIFA & UEFA Licensed Match-Agent and has worked alongside many Top Clubs in Europe and a Football Consultant for Fanbaseinc, Mobile Lighting Rig (MLR), and the Norwegian Football Coach Association.


R.GESON has organized more than a hundred football events including Pre-Season Tours and Friendly matches all across Europe, and has a high experience in PR-Management inside the Football community world-wide.

Football Coaching & Strategy
PR Consultant
Football Lobbiest


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