PR-MAN, Fotball Lobbyist

R.GESON Gunnarsson

(Ex-COACH & Ex-FIFA Licensed Football Agent)

The project Hat-trick aims to create a collection of Top-Seminars related to the sport of football, and the seminars are developed with international and experienced competence.

About Hat-Trick

Push Beyond Borders

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Who is GESON

For Over 40+ Years In Pro. Fotball

Football Consultant Geson”, was the First FIFA & UEFA Licensed Match Agent in Norway

Ronny GESON Gunnarsson was born in 1955 in Gothenburg Sweden, and has more than 30 years experience in professional Football.

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Meetup in 2019 with Geson PR Consultant for NFT (Norsk Fotballtrenererforening) was absolutely a delight.

James Hands

Head of Miller’s Special Risks business