Hat-trick news 2017

NIKE Academy SportDirector Jon Goodman & Geson
NIKE Academy SportDirector Jon Goodman & Geson

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Petur Simonsen Technical Director The Faroe Islands Football Association
Geson & Petur Simonsen
Geson Meetup with Andy Scoulding & Roy-Hodgson
Andy Scoulding, Roy-Hodgson & Geson
Geson Meet Andres Giovanni
Geson & Andres Giovanni
Geson Meetup with Peter Barnes & Pail Mcguinnes
Geson,Peter Barnes & Pail Mcguinnes

What do we do?

We can help you to "Profile", your "Sport-Products" in Europe.
We can Arr. Top seminars with international compentence.
We can Arr. Pre-season tours and friendly Fotball matches.

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Ronny Geson Gunnarsson

Managing Director

Ronny GESON Gunnarsson
Mobile: +47 911 15 705
Skype: rgeson

Geson`s motto is

“ To act in accordance with the principles of loyalty, integrity and sporting fairness...”

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