Hat-trick news 2018

Geson & Tom Fodstad Commercial Director in Norwegian Football Association

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Geson, Kalle Flygare SFT & Hasse Backe TV4

Geson, Teddy Moen NFT & Hasse Backe
Sonny Carlsson Prioritet Serneke Arena, Teddy Moen NFT, Geson & Magnus Karlsson Eurotravel Sports.
The Norwegian Legend Olav Thon & Geson
Norway Ullevål Stadion
Geson, CEO Jack Hemmestad
Danield Høglund (Viasat Sport), Stefan Kuntz Germany U-21 & Geson
Pia Sundhage (Sweden Football Ass.) & Geson
Norway – Sweden, Ullevål Stadion
Geson, Tom Fodstad Norwegian Football Association, Jamal El Mazari NIKE Norway, Marcus Allbäck.
League Manager Ass. (LMA) Conference 2017
Steven STIX Talboys, Geson, Lawrie Sanchez
League Manager Ass. (LMA) Conference 2017
James Hand, Graham Mackrell, Geson
League Manager Ass. (LMA) Conference 2017
Geson & Richard Bevan Man. Chief Executive D.S
The CUPFINALESEMINAR 2016 The largest Football Coaches Conference in the Nordic Region/Countries.
Graham Mackrell. Geson, Erik Hamrèn, Roy Hodgson and Andy Scoulding
NIKE Academy SportDirector Jon Goodman & Geson
NIKE Academy SportDirector Jon Goodman & Geson
Petur Simonsen Technical Director The Faroe Islands Football Association
Geson & Petur Simonsen
Geson Meetup with Andy Scoulding & Roy-Hodgson
Andy Scoulding, Roy-Hodgson & Geson
Geson Meet Andres Giovanni
Geson & Andres Giovanni
Geson Meetup with Peter Barnes & Pail Mcguinnes
Geson,Peter Barnes & Pail Mcguinnes

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Ronny Geson Gunnarsson

Managing Director

Ronny GESON Gunnarsson
Mobile: +47 911 15 705
Skype: rgeson

Geson`s motto is

“ To act in accordance with the principles of loyalty, integrity and sporting fairness...”

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